respected woman (الْبَرْزَةُ)

respected woman (الْبَرْزَةُ)

الفقه أصول الفقه

التعريف :

A description of a woman who goes out to do her errands and does not cover herself as young woman. She speaks to people and she is decent and respected. She is mostly an old woman.

المعنى الاصطلاحي :

A chaste old woman who comes out (of her room) and sits with the men, and they discuss things in her presence.

الشرح المختصر :

The "barzah" (respected old woman) is the respected elderly woman whose opinion and chastity are trusted. She is not veiled from men in the way younger women are; rather, she comes out to meet people and they sit to listen to her. Or she is the woman who habitually goes out to run her errands and deals with men in the process.

التعريف اللغوي المختصر :

"Barzah": it is derived from "baraza", which means emerged or came out. It refers to the respected old woman whose opinion and chastity are trusted.